Anyone sticking with 8/8.1 and not upgrading to 10?

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by XxBrazilianoxX, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. XxBrazilianoxX

    XxBrazilianoxX MDL Member

    Oct 5, 2011
    Anyone sticking with Windows 8/8.1 and not upgrading to the new Windows 10?

    If so, why are you not upgrading?
  2. joluboga

    joluboga MDL Member

    Dec 4, 2011
    Not me! There's no reason to not upgrade to 10
  3. Slamtilt

    Slamtilt MDL Novice

    Jul 10, 2014
    Keeping Windows Media Center & tv tuner in one Windows 8.1 pc.
    Prefer the Win 8 News tile "Sources" option.
    Loaded Win 10 on enough pc's that I can keep 8.1 on some machines. Will be using Win7/8/10/Vista/XP.
    No point rushing into DX12 for gaming until it actually does something.
    Waiting for the big Windows 10 bug hunt to catch the worst annoyances.
  4. gonz621

    gonz621 MDL Junior Member

    Nov 15, 2012
    Gonna try windows 10 when it hits july 29th.
  5. cuteee

    cuteee MDL Guru

    Oct 13, 2012
    Why you don't try now ?
  6. wzrdrcr

    wzrdrcr MDL Novice

    Jun 23, 2011
    Well lets see there new browser sucks,slow high memory usage just to start so decided to stick with mint os x64 mate.
  7. EFA11

    EFA11 Avatar Guru

    Oct 7, 2010
    Edge uses no more than 20MB of ram on my system. Not defending the POS, just stating my experience with it and ram.
  8. Mutagen

    Mutagen MDL Addicted

    Feb 18, 2013
    I'm staying with 8.1 Pro (one computer, Dell M4700) - it is KMSpico activated, and while it appears that MS isn't changing now, whose to say what will happen in one year when the free upgrade expires. Activation is tied to the hardware. Does MS know or care about KMS anymore? If they do, a lot of folks could find themselves without an activated machine.

    Besides, I have a Dell M6700 and E6500 both with legit Insider Program Windows 10 activated. Two out of three is good enough for me. I'm not proud.
  9. XxBrazilianoxX

    XxBrazilianoxX MDL Member

    Oct 5, 2011
    My only reason is not being able to control windows updates like it is in Windows 8/8.1
  10. BitsnBytes

    BitsnBytes MDL Novice

    Oct 18, 2013
    Tried Windows 10 for a week, drove me nuts with the constant push of updates, some of my older apps were not working in Win 10. Perhaps later in the year when SP1 comes out will i use Win 10 on my main rig.
  11. JLynz

    JLynz MDL Novice

    Jul 24, 2015
    I have to agree with BitsnBytes and XxBrazilianoxX on this on. Not being able to control updates is a pain. WTF!? I'm having drivers issues with my Win10 on my Sony Laptop. Win10 Keeps installing the updated Synaptics mousepad driver, even after I uninstall it. The next time I turn on my laptop, Synaptics is installed again causing the keyboard to freeze for 10-20+ secs after windows boots (login screen). Aah! :mad:
  12. John Sutherland

    John Sutherland MDL Addicted

    Oct 15, 2014
    I'm going to upgrade to Win10 Home on my Win8.1 Core machine just to see what issues I have to deal with. I've created a backup image just in case I have to bail out. :D

    But my Win7 Pro machine is staying as is. I've never had any issues with Win7 and I want to have at least one machine I can still use. ;)
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  13. Gilly10

    Gilly10 MDL Novice

    May 28, 2014
    I will be sticking with 8.1 on one of my laptops, but not by choice, reason being is it uses a compressed OS (WIMBoot) & I don't think it supports upgrading, also space will be drastically reduced if I install Windows 10 normally, unless of course someone has a solution, haven't found one yet, bet there will be plenty who will just stick with 8.1, mainly those on tablets, cheap laptops with 32GB storage etc.
  14. Puremin0rez

    Puremin0rez MDL Senior Member

    Nov 24, 2010
    I was actually really determined to stick to Windows 8.1 for a few months and let Windows 10 mature a bit and work itself out but I fell into the hype and I'm glad I did.

    Windows 10 has such a better UI then Windows 8. Everything feels much more unified, but it definitely still has a way to go.

    Speed wise, I can't tell a difference between 8 and 10. To be fair though, with an i7 4790k, GTX 970 & SSDs I doubt I'd see the difference if there was.
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  15. cheezels

    cheezels MDL Junior Member

    Jan 17, 2015
    Install Windows 8.1 on an external USB3.0 drive, then upgrade to 10. Then you can install 10 on the internal storage (wiping will be necessary) and it should activate automatically.
  16. vali20

    vali20 MDL Junior Member

    Aug 8, 2012
    I'm sticking with Windows 8.1 because it works so good for me. It ahs all the features I need, I use none of the Metro/Modern apps. If there wasn't Visual Studio 2015, which needs Windows 8.1 for the Android emulator and a couple other features, plus the global keyboard switching, and maybe one or two more things missing from W7 I can't remember right now, I would be using Windows 7, it is so stable, so clean and so beautiful. Aero Glass beats any UX ever tried by Microsoft, at least I got part of it in W8.1 by using the port... But seriously, the PC works so well now, I don't have the time and need to "upgrade" and start re-learning things and working around bugs...
  17. XxBrazilianoxX

    XxBrazilianoxX MDL Member

    Oct 5, 2011
    Absolutely agree with you. 8.1 works extremely well for me, plus choose which update to install is a great feature in my opinion. Maybe I give Windows 10 some time to fix some things before considering it.
  18. kenrong

    kenrong MDL Novice

    Apr 10, 2015
    I really want to try windows 10. I think that windows 10 better than windows 8.1
  19. thorbsd

    thorbsd MDL Junior Member

    Jun 9, 2013
    Personally, for a regular laptop/desktop I think Windows 8/8.1 is the best Windows version to date. It's basically Windows 7 with some good improvements under the hood. I wasn't a huge fan of the transparency of window title bars in 7, so the solid colors are an improvement to me, and the thick borders can be tweaked away as well. I can't stand Metro/Modern UI, but with one of the start menu replacements, it simply does not exist in my day-to-day life and I never see it or have to interact with it.

    I had high hopes for 10, but after using all the insider releases, having tons of trouble with activating the RTM release, and upgrading my parents system (that upgrade went smoothly), I'm definitely staying away from 10 unless they make some big changes in future updates. I still hate the Metro/Modern UI which is everywhere now, there are far too many UI inconsistencies (maybe a minor detail to some but they drive me nuts), the white title bars are terrible, I dislike the new "Start Menu" (no ability to customize the left-hand area with user-chosen programs - though I could just continue to use a start menu replacement), the forced windows updates, and the fact that the OS seems like a privacy nightmare (just about everything appears to be reported back to MS and it bothers me).

    Now that I think about it, I was pretty upset when I discovered that MS had downloaded the Windows 10 installation files onto my 8.1 machine when I never interacted with the Windows 10 reservation application and had even uninstalled the specific updates so I wouldn't download the files when MS began to push them out. To see MS have that kind of control over my PC when I had gone out of my way to prevent it was unsettling.

    I decided shortly after the launch that it was time to migrate over to Linux. I've been using it in virtual machines for years getting used to it and preparing myself to switch over once I had viable replacements for all my applications. I made the switch, and Windows 10 is what gave me that final push.
  20. jhoff80

    jhoff80 MDL Junior Member

    Jan 27, 2013
    Sticking with 8.1 because 10 is terrible on a tablet.