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    So I just got a new job in IT Support, and it is supporting 400 computers... of that 80 are mac. When I started I noticed the group uses for Windows acronis true image to restore computers via a sysprepped image and for backup a program called bacula, and av from eset. Anyway, I like stuff a bit simplified so couldn't we use MDT (which is free but I know it's a bit grumpy to setup), and wbadmin for backups, ... and av = whatever. Also we don't use SCCM or any SA licenses, so my boss asked if I could use MDT to deploy app packages (which works ok and it gives folks nice pretty hta checkboxes). Anyway does anyone on here do something similar? Anything cheap, fast and easy? Anyone think something that does the above is really cool? Anyway backups don't need to capture the system state, just some stuff in user folders. Just fishing for ideas or dialogue.
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