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    Nov 18, 2009
    Hi to all. I have some questions regarding Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard DVD image. From various sources in internet i came to know that the original Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard install DVD image properties are like below.

    Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard
    Version: 10.6
    Build: 10A432
    File: snowleopard_10a432_userdvd.dmg
    Type: Golden Master RTM
    Size: 6,13 GB (6 586 892 984 bytes)
    CRC32: 0D9AAA01
    MD5: 1D1FB7ECA55470143C153F7F902B4ADA
    SHA1: B8AA5C0DCB0830D9B9888676ACCC2667A4034B4A

    While searching download links for snowleopard_10a432_userdvd.dmg image file i got the links in some website. But there are two files. They are namely

    1. Mac OS X Install DVD.dmg
    2. snowleopard_10a432_userdvd.dmg

    Now i am little bit confused. How can i know that which image file contains original Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard installation files. OK if snowleopard_10a432_userdvd.dmg image file is original then what about Mac OS X Install DVD.dmg image file? Please anybody let me know.

    One more thing for Microsoft softwares we may get all details about files and their checksums on their website. Likewise is there any way to get details of Apple softwares from Apple website. If so please let me know the link.

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Consider just buying it for $30 in the store, then there's no question and chance for problems.
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    Check the hash of the iso with the one above providing it's an hash of an genuine iso'd dvd image.

    $30 for a snow leopard disc or $1000+ for a real mac, it's upto you.
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    Nov 4, 2010
    just buy the OS, its too god to be downloaded