April Fool's Day - Here's mine - Add your own

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  1. Al_Gore_Internet_Inventor

    Mar 18, 2014
    Complements of my fertile (read that any way you want) mind:

    1 - Ophthalmologist discovers patient with left/right eyes switched at birth.

    2 - Canon builds new hybrid sensor combining 35MM film and digital together for incredible 8196 MP resolution.

    3 - Hewlett-Packard announces white ink jet cartridge for use with black and dark colored paper. Also providing black paper, in both glossy and matte finish. By the end of summer, they expect to release their white toner Laserjet cartridge.

    4 - Medical, legal and insurance industries prove, and agree, that being "Nagged to death" is valid.
    (Dedicated to my best friend's ex. - you bitch)