are any of these leaks real??? M$ just released their first "real" look @ 8

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by stayboogy, Jun 4, 2011.

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    M$ just gave their first "real" look @ the new Windows (codenamed 8) the other day (June 1), so i'm just curious if any of the so called "leaks" and "betas" are even real and if they are just windows 7 platform that has been modded with "new" style features by some "unknown" hidden developer (some of the coolest stuff comes from the Russsians) and just been passed along as Windows 8 leaks???

    i mean, where is the real proof that any of these leaks and betas are real?

    *i have been and still am a skeptic because i have seen no real evidence that they are real, and they just look like tweaked 7 to me*

    thanx in advance.
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  2. davehc

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    I have empathy with your feelings. I would imagine you are correct in one issue. At the very early stage, from which these builds come, I would imagine that they are exactly as you say - tweaked Windows 7. But this would be for convenience with the Windows 8 programmers. They will "fill in the blanks", which are merely custom gui interfaces, later. Windows 7 becomes windows 8, etc.
    I have no reason the believe they are less than genuine but, particularly in view of the recent live demos from Microsoft, obviously of little value when trying to steal an early look at the next OS.