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    Hi all

    quite a while ago i flashed my bios with a modded bios

    got it from here trough the search, flashed it, and works fine...


    problem now is.....

    a newer bios-version is available for my Z97 EXTREME6 board, wich fixes a few issues ive been having problems with (AHCI and USB stability)

    however i never noticed before, when i enter my bios my bios version is expressed in weird signs instead of a normal version number....
    system works pretty ok so far, but now when i want to update trough either instantflash, dos or from windows, it wont let me install or update my bios, the wintool tells me that i have an incorrect system, also tried a few older tricks, like changing the bios-name to ami-boot and other options, but they all fail....

    anyone else out there who can help me fix this?

    trough AIDA-64 my bios is recognized as: AMI EFI 4.6.5

    in the bios itself it says %a %a

    SLIC version v2.3 LENOVO

    plz help me, im also ordering a spare bios chip since i can change these on my board, but i still would like to try and fix this

    greetings red, and sorry if i posted in the wrong forumcategory...

    i will try and add a picture of my bios page asap.
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    Feb 27, 2011
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    Oct 13, 2009
    Hey thanks for ur reply! :)

    i will start at it immediatly and report back asap...

    if all hell fails i still have backup bios (unfortunatly also with same a% a% bios but at least its letting me boot..... (still :p))

    Like Arny Always says... ILL BE BACK! :)
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    Oct 13, 2009

    well im back and unfortunatly no succes :-(

    it wont let me flash the bios cuz the size is different

    understand that i want to flash back to a Original unmodded bios version

    is there any special command for that or another tool to do so?

    also command /C was not recognized

    im using AFUDOS version 5.05.04

    thanks in advance for the effort made by anyone who is willing to help with this issue

    greetz red