Asus a52jv/k52jv bios with slic 2.1

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    Aug 12, 2012
    Hello Mydigitallife,

    I have successfully flashed BIOS on my A52JV machine with K52JV bios 203 (latest) from ASUS website and now I am using genuine windows 7 without any activator. It was extremely hard to find BIOS with SLIC 2.1 because all links were down.
    Now i would like to share BIOS with all people who are using same notebook model as mine.

    If you are not sure how to flash bios on this model, do same as i have done -->

    --> First I have formated 4GB USB flash drive with FAT32 Filesystem, then copy bios file (extracted from .rar) on clear flash drive. Reboot and enter bios with pressing del button. In second tab there is option easyflash, when you enter find your 203 file and press enter, you will be asked if you are sure, press yes and be sure to use UPS because if you lose power for a second you will have bricked motherboard. It takes about less than 2 minutes. Then reinstall system and start using GENUINE WINDOWS 7

    www . datafilehost . com/ download-ed9566db.html
    www . filedropper . com/k52jv203

    sorry for spaced link, i am not active member of forum so i can't post links. I am really sorry.

    Have a nice day!