Asus A7N8X Deluxe V.2

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    Oops , so sorry for posting in the wrong forum , if a mode wouldn't mind moving my post to the bios forum . I messed up, sorry .

    Hi , I am hoping someone on here might can help me out with a special request . I have the old Asus A7N8X deluxe V 2 motherboard . My bios has already been upgraded here and works perfect . My problem is that my sata version is a very old 4.2.47 thats incorporated into my system bios . Asus hasn't updated the system bios in years and my current system bios is version 1008 . I have read some online about a program called CBRom where you can release the old sata version and insert the sata version which is Sil 4.2.84 . I have already had my bios modded here for the slp tables . This is really way over my head about how to do this so i'm wondering if anyone here is familiar with the process of cbrom and if so if they might be willing to take my bios and the files and mod my bios to incorporate this newer sata bios . I surely would be beholding and appreciative to them . Please let me know if you can and will and I will promptly send everything . thanks a lot .

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    What about grabbing Asus_A7N8X-E_Deluxe_Uber_1013_BIOS_with_SATA_4279_by_NeoPolus ?

    Just realized that's a board mismatch. Hopefully that information will help.