asus k53sd becomes bricked by egpu, but alive by 2gb ram

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by Eyre, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Eyre

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    Feb 23, 2017
    I don't know, just tell me what to do or where to ask.

    The problem is described in topic.

    I bought riser, plugged in 1060, did everything according to manuals.

    from the first try to start the system I got a brick with no POST init.

    What happen is just power led, caps and/or num led are lit, hard disk led flashes once, no bootup logo (no post), unable to enter bios.

    I tried to remove ram slots, battery, holding power button for 45 sec with no batter, didnt try to remove the bios battery. nothing.

    I brought the laptop in service. The repairs lasted for 5 days and cost 5 bucks (wut).

    What the repairer did: Tried to flash bios via programmer -- didnt work. Replugged the battery -- didnt work. Unplugged my memory (2x4gb, 1 stock elpida, 1 some lpddr3 I cant remember) and plugged his HUNDREDPERCENTWORKING 2gb ram module. laptop just turned on and begun working. He placed my memory back and it's still working. He tried to start it with egpu (with another videocard, something around 730). with my modules it stucks back again, with his one, it starts, starts loading linux and stucks somewhere in the linux boot process.

    So. What the hell?

    so, it's asus k53sd, hm65, core i7-2670qm, intel hd3000 in it, dis is nv610m 2gb.

    the riser is PCE164P-N03.
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    How do you manage to get a riser card to work on a laptop?
    How are you supplying power to it?

    I don't think your laptop is designed to do that, but I could be wrong. The usb port on your laptop may not be able to handle a gpu
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  3. Eyre

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    Feb 23, 2017
    This riser model should be connected to the laptop via mPCIe, in the slot of wifi PCIe half mini card.

    That's that. I removed the service panel (ram, HDD, wifi slots are there) removed the mini card and inserted.

    I did it as described in forums.

    plugged video in the riser plugged PSU in the riser and in the video card, then plugged riser into laptops slot.

    First I turned on PSU, (it was connected to an ATX MOBO, so firstly I just pressed the button on PC, not laptop. I decided that it can be safer, rather than setting a jumper)
    Once PSU was on I turned on the laptop.

    Then -- described above.
  4. Eyre

    Eyre MDL Novice

    Feb 23, 2017
    Hi. there are several successful builds with this riser model. And also Nando was recommending it to try because reliable gen 2 signalling.
    I guess the problem will be the same even for pricey risers like exp gdc beast and on.
    running K53SD with more than 2gb ram and eGPU on causes black screen and can be cured with removing bios battery or setting 2gb ram module.
    Something on this motherboard causes this kind of lock.
    So I wanted to know what is this. I bet it's curable, but there are no EGPU enthusiasts with K53SD, but maybe somebody was facing the same problem on other models and found a way.
    I didnt tried pci hotplug from hibernation yet.
    And also I find a guy with the same laptop who got this issue, but he didnt provide the solution or reason.
    That's why I'm asking.
    I'm still interested.