Asus K72dr BIOS downgrade help needed

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    Mar 26, 2014
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    Hi all,

    I'm having some video display issues with my Asus laptop and have narrowed down the problem to either a BIOS update (213) including a new VBIOS, or a solder problem with gpu. I would really like to find out if it has to do with the VBIOS before trying any re-flow hacking on the gpu.

    I would like to downgrade the BIOS to original version (206), but whichever way I try to do this (Winflash, ExFlash, Aflash2) the laptop bricks after the update, and I have to do the emergency re-flash on boot-up using usb drive (only works with newer version bios 213).

    Any suggestions on how I could make sure the ROM gets properly erased before flashing the old BIOS, as it at least seems to me that would be the logical reason why the downgrade does not work?

    Has anyone else had a similar downgrade issue with Asus laptops that they have managed to solve?

    Any help is appreciated, thanks.