[Asus N71a BIOS] Trying to modify fan speed

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    I hope this is the right section. I am using this notebook and Bios w ww.asus.com/en/support/Download/3/225/N71Ja/8/

    BIOS 206
    Firmware change

    But there is a problem that there are severals "levels" of fan speed - there is 100% fan speed and there is some much bigger speed when CPU is at critical level. Its called "Passive Trip point" in bios and it is a temperature in which processor starts to throttle and lowers its speed - at this level of temperature the fans are starting to really "speed up" - so my question is how to achieve this fan speed before it hits the critical value? Is there any way? I didnt find it in Bios (looking into it with AMIBCP v 4.53)

    I have only found some temps in Advance => Thermal Configuration => Platform Thermal Configuration but not this special "fast" fan speed

    Thank you in advance.