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    I'm planning to buy a new mb: ASUS P8Z77-V

    Since it's a long time ago that I did a Mod, I'm pretty blank, like a newbie.

    I would like to know, if there is a safe and durable (bios updates) way, to mod this mb for windows 7.
    If so, I woul like to know what I need and what I have to do to prepare this MB for use with Win 7.

    Tnx a lot
  2. digitara

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    Apr 4, 2008
    Nobody got a hint ? -Would be fine :)

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    Hi, I used the Asus mb P8Z77V-LX for assembly my last home pc.

    This kind of motherboards have the slic 2 already in the bios and is very, very easy to mod the bios with SLIC2.1 and to hace Windows 7 activated.

    1 - Look here:

    the link let you to load the last phoenixtool 2.9 - follows the step as indicated in the image.

    2 - After you have the new modded bios, put the file on a pen drive FAT32 formatted and flash the motherboard using the bios EZ-FLASH2 utility. After you will be asked to enter in the bios for the first setup. Now you have your bios with the SLIC 2.q inside.

    3 - use the Daz Loader 2.1.7: this will install ONLY the certificate and the serial

    4 - Go to and validate Windows.

    Yesterday I followed this very simple step for mod the last Asus bios, version 0801, and all ok.

    Last thing: I think you know that a bios mod operation will made with attention - furthermore this motherboard, the P8Z77-V LX, had tha bios chip, the dil Winbond 25Q64BVAIG, on socket and is very easy to change the chip.

    Edit: the last versione of the phoenixtool is here:

    Remenber if you decide for your modding, the first flash the P8Z77-V LX with the original bios.
    After the reboot, flash with modded bios loaded by means the EZ-Flash2 and the pen-drive
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    dont forget about flashback . easy recovery method on most new asus