ASUS PRO5MSV EFI corrupted, no boot possible. Need complete EFI Code.

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    Hello everyone.

    First of all I need to apologize for my bad english. If this is the wrong section (I think it is) please move my thread, I just couldn't find the right place.

    It's about a "ASUS PRO5MSV" Notebook, it's mainboard is a "N53SV".

    Somehow - please don't ask, I can't tell you - I crashed the BIOS / EFI (It's a EFI / UEFI) by updating it with ASUS EZFLASH (or how it is called).
    I don't have the file I used for updating - Sadly.
    Steps done from EZFLASH:
    1. Erase > 100%
    2. Copy > 100%
    3. Verifying > 100%
    (I think it was this order)

    Then the notebook shut down and wasn't reacting at all(no fan etc.). I already tried a lot to bring it back to life without needing to take out the chip.
    1. Take out CMOS Battery (several tries, between 5 mins to 24 hours)
    2. Looked for a reset hole, but there's none (suggested from ASUS)
    3. Spammed the TURN ON button for minutes (suggested from ASUS)
    4. Put in a bootable USB Stick (but no LED blinks)
    5. A lot of diffrent key-combinations to bring it into some "writing mode"; "zombi-mode". But non of them worked in anyway.

    The mainboard get's power and also some sound (no loud beep beep, but a silence beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep as long as the DC Adapter is connected, hard to explain. It's also getting "warm" (not cold anymore, but not really hot))

    Some repair-service I brought the notebook to read the chip but didn't update the EFI / BIOS since he didn't know where to place it. (4x2 PIN Chip; 32 MBit; 4 Mbyte; BIOS size is about 2,5 MByte)
    He also "read" the chip and saved the file:
    www . mediafire . com/?egl6dddtzv6odad

    BIOS from ASUS:
    www . mediafire .com/?1t0hn21papwk51s VERSION 206
    www . mediafire .com/?z6qxg0x55narh7w VERSION 209
    www . mediafire .com/?nd48re1o1qx0v5t VERSION 213
    www . mediafire .com/?w7xrmmiar6t5sd5 VERSION 214
    www . mediafire .com/?4dtqtjfo7d8m2bl VERSION 215

    There's no problem read / writing things into the chip, but as I was told it's messed up totally.
    I already contacted ASUS, but they aren't giving out the "full code", only things shown in the download tab from their page, but they aren't helping.

    I'm not sure what I'm asking in general? Can someone get a working code we can paste into that chip? Some universal - EFI?

    I'm thankful for everything that helps bringing this notebook back...

    Thank you a lot for your time and efforts in advance

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