ASUS U36JC Laptop Primary Display [LCD/LVDS --> VGA/CRT] AMI BIOS

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    Jun 25, 2013
    Objective: have the laptop motherboard BIOS initiate VGA every time the computer boots, as primary display without the use of the keyboard LCD/VGA toggle key combination.

    I have a an ASUS U36JC Laptop (HM55 chipset) which has a stock BIOS programmed automatically initialize the LCD as the primary display. I have no LVDS screen connected to the motherboard, and want to use an external display only. The external VGA monitor stays blank on boot until I press ALT-F8 (toggle internal/external display) on the keyboard.

    With AMIBCP v4.53, I changed the directive of Handle 0xC1C4, IGD - Boot Type to CRT, but nothing happens after the modded BIOS flash. Perhaps there is another parameter or combination, or there may be another method.

    Any help is very appreciated.

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