Asus UL50VT Unlock Hybrid Graphic Switch Option

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    Hi all. This problem have all notebook from asus UL 30/50/80vt series with Nvidia G210M videocard. And if we have success this solution can help to many peoples.

    Okay. Problem is a Hybrid NVIDIA - INTEL Graphics technology. Asus with NVIDIA release only 1 driver 186.88 and this happen in 2009 year after that support this technology is over.

    But if possible make mod for bios where we have disable Intel integrated graphics i think possible install latest mobile nvidia drivers. Need just unlock option in bios.

    On Asus site for UL50VT i seen release BIOS 213 and after that bios 215 with description "Close the Graphic mode option in setup menu."

    I downgrade on 213 but nothing change. Okay i open bios in AMIBCP and not seen any hidden menu or new options from 215 and 217.

    But i see in Bios Strings parameters

    Boots Graphic Adapter Priority

    Select which graphics controller to use asthe primary bootdevice.

    Internal Graphics Mode Select.

    Plus bios have interesting features. IF i select in menu Sata Operation Mode - Compatible i have primary Controller NVIDIA, if i choose Enhanced primary controller Intel. 1 problem with Compatible option not possible load any windows because sata controller work like IDE.

    Now i think where dissapeared "Close the Graphic mode option in setup menu" in bios 213. How possible make patch for bios 217 (latest) with switch intel to nvidia default controller with Sata Operation Mode - Enhanced option.

    -Manufacturer: ASUS
    -Motherboard Model: UL50VT notebook on GS45 Express Chipset
    -Bios revision: 217
    -Bios Type: AMI BIOS
    -Bios Download Link: Asus site

    or i put in arhive 213, 215 and 217 bios.

    Please help.