asus x83vm chip ite 8752 issues

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    hey guys, got an older notebook that is having issues with touch pad, keyboard and loading operating systems.. I have tried all windows versions, 32 and 64... will load to the point of after it copies files and starts to install and crash.. so I loaded copied files.. unpacked and where it starts to load windows on a different machine, the pull drive and place back into notebook and let it install on notebook, works fine after that, except having issues with keyboard messed up and it highlights everything.... keyboard top number row will only display symbols and caps is backwards.. all drivers up to date with latest ones.. win 8 currently installed 64 when note book has been turned on for a while, seems it starts working correctly... ive also disassembled notebook, cleaned everything, pulled all connections, reinstalled everything, new thermal paste, cleaned keyboard out.. looks and feels new.. just intermittent problem with ite chipset controller that controls all ports.. I also unplugged keyboard and touch pad and used mouse and usb keyboard, with same results.... top number row messed up sometimes.... and one have an idea? or ite chip just going bad? bois has been reset and reloaded... no difference... loaded Ubuntu.. and everything works fine??????? whats going on?

    6-10-14 reloaded machine with recovery disk for a different machine, works perfectly, had tried multiple install disks, downloaded usb installs, ..have no idea why it works now
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    ive had similar issues2 times... one time ram and other was cpu.