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    Jul 28, 2012
    First of all, I would like to request moderator to move this post in correct section if this forum is wrong for this post.

    I am urgently looking for cloud hosting service provider for my upcoming website. I have hosted two of my websites in one of the most known web hosting service provider. But I have faced several short (10mins-20mins) downtime during my three months hosting period. That's why I am looking for cloud service, because I have heard that only cloud hosting can provide 100% uptime. I have recently heard about from one of my friend. I have checked their PR, Site structure, domain age, support etc. But before taking any final decision I would like to hear some review on, So, If you ever tried their service or using their service then please share your feedback here. There plan seems cost effective. Here is their pricing page for cloud hosting:

    So, guys please provide your useful feedback on