AV-TEST - Nov/Dec 2013

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    I really question the integrity of these tests and pre-back hand deals (sponsoring) as well as the independence here. BitDefender is a travesty of ambiguous application which in the past has used hard sell/spam and lacked development/credibility but Kaspersky is worthy of its position based on these results. There are a few reasons why the best sellers remain popular not to say they are better at certain tasks but they are engineered applications developed to be user friendly, offer security, support and properly tested hence why most of the well known brands are endorsed with end users, both home large & companies and corporates. Integration plays a big part but value and support policy and reputation are key in computer security and sales.
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    only real world tests I go by, are not sponsored and come from real people and their experiences. I have a real hard time trusting corporations working with corporations to give results on other corporations.