Award Bios Mod - "Halt on: All, But Keyboard" to add other options

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    So I have this Dell Inspiron 530, already have slic'd bios, and enabled some hidden stuff using modbin6.2...

    When it posts it stops "No timer Tick interupt!!!" and F1 continue and F2 setup.

    I need it to boot regardless of error as I use it thru RemoteDesktop a lot, and if it reboots then someone has to come push F1, for it to come back up. The bios only allows two 'halt on:' options - 'all errors' and 'all but keyboard'. How do I enable the other options? Particularly, 'Halt On: No Errors'?

    Looking for a solution not involving a cellphone with the ringer connected to a solenoid connected to the F1 key)...

    Edit: Of course, if anyone can help with the 'No timer tick interrupt error' that would help too. Don't remember it happening with previous version of this bios (1.0.17)...

    Current Bios is 1.0.18 here:

    P.S Thanks to Yen, 911Medic, AndyP and the rest of you bios fiends, great work!!!