Azurewave ce123h half mini wifi+bt card

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    Oct 22, 2013
    Hi there!
    i already bought AzureWave AW-CB123H from ebay..
    i test the card to my laptop to check if the item is working.
    test on windows10 theres a wifi icon in the taskbar and searching other wifi ok but i cannot connect.
    i thought it cannot seat properly so that i reseat the card . but same result cannot connect to the wifi. :(
    download the latest driver but same result
    ill check the physical adress of the card is FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:11 its weird not the same of the back of the wificard.

    testing on el capitan i install need kext to work the wifi.
    the wifi icon show in the bar but the same as the windows10 cannot connect any search wifi even if i configure no password in the wifi router :(
    checking the system report / wifi the wan mac adress of the card is FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:11 not the same as the mac address indicate in the back sticker of the card.

    my lapt top is samsung np370r4e-s05ph
    i5 3210m
    4gb ram

    i suspect that i bought a defective card :(
    is there any way to check if the card is working? can you guys help me out?
    thanks in advanced and sorry for my bad english.
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    Azurewave makes cards for pc manufactures like Asus and Acer...ect. You might need a proprietary driver for that card.
    Looking up the Device I.D. number might help you find the right driver/software to use that card.
    The device i.d. can be found by going into the device manager, selecting the card, right click and select Properties, in the properties box, select the Details Tab, in the drop down box select Hawdware IDS. Google the i.d. number to see if you can identify the card by oem manufacture.

    The Hardware IDS number should look something like this: (my ethernet)
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    FF:FF sounds like pci isnt reading cards rom properly. could be ram chip on pc issue or pci-e

    try a different pci-e port like wwan ? or different laptop.. try linux usb bootable live.
    win 10 should pickup proper driver auto on most cases.