Backup BIOS Packard Bell EasyNote (EN) SL81 for BIOS Mod Request

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    Aug 30, 2007

    I have a Packard Bell EasyNote (EN) SL81 Notebook with SLIC 2.0 in BIOS.

    I wanted to post a BIOS Mod Request but you can't download a new BIOS on the Website of Packard Bell.
    (I'm not allowed to post a link). :(

    I thought no problem I backup my BIOS, upload it anywhere and use this for the Mod Request.
    But I'm not able to backup my BIOS. It's a PhoenixBIOS so I tried Winphlash.
    But also for backup the old BIOS I must provide a new BIOS. Every BIOS I tried (BIOS.wph) gave an error.


    I also tried phlash16 from DOS but also here I wasn't able to backup the BIOS.

    Can anybody help me get a backup of my BIOS?
    Or is it not possible to use this as a Mod Request?
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    those need a slightly bigger file not just a backup to flash.. missing parts descriptor issue.. if you find a flash for a similar model you might be able to get the backup merged to it with hexeditor... doubt it tho.

    best is to make backup with programmer.. is the chip SPI (likely) or older type?
    if spi use ch341a programer (ebay check north america for faster shipping)
  3. ElDiablo666

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    Aug 30, 2007

    sorry for my late answer.

    I found no other BIOS that could be used. For no EasyNote SL XY is a BIOS Download there.

    I don't know which chip that is. For that I need to open the Notebook. And that is something I don't can and don't want.
    So thanks for the possibility with the ch341a programer but I think I will live with a Loader based solution on that device.