Bad CMOS Checksum

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by Dondee, Sep 25, 2008.

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    Aug 31, 2007
    While trying to mod an ECS A780GM-A motherboard a while back, I mistakenly used an ASUS version of AFUDOS in an attempt to SLIC mod the BIOS. The result was a CMOS checksum error which will not allow me to get by the BIOS setup screen. Any setup changes are wiped out on reboot and I'm back to the same error message which says to press F1 to setup-- and the "Bad CMOS Checksum". Recovery of the AMI Bios doesn't change the message. Neither does modding with a different SLIC modded or manufacturer's BIOS version. (working on another motherboard of the same version)

    Is there any reasonable way to correct this problem or should I just dump the motherboard. Junking the board is not a big deal but I really hate to give up if there is a workable solution available.

    I really don't know where the checksum error message is being generated. Also I'm not sure that the recovery block is being overwritten or whether there is some other option for the Afudos /ixxxx.rom /pbnc /n string which will change the recovery block if that is where the message is being generated.

    I would appreciate any suggestions on solution to this problem. The board is junk as it is, so I can be a bit reckless in trying solutions.