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Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Pasta88, Jul 19, 2013.

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    Hi Guys, I bundled my internet, tv and phone with verizon FIOS today. I am suppose to be getting 50 up / 25 down. When I check with verizon's speedtest of 60 up /40 down. When I use I get the following results 36 up /30 down. With i get 19 up / 25 down. How do I know which results are the most accurate. If speedtest and speakeasy are the more correct results, should i complain to verizon that I am not getting what i am paying for? thx

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    it totally depends on where you are routing to, to get your results. 300 hops or 3 hops, latency, server loads, network congestion etc, makes a huge difference. The quality of the server you are uploading/downloading too etc. HUGE factors that make a difference in your up/down. When you test at Verizon, you are testing under close to the best possible scenario for speed results. Real world results will differ depending on above factors and more.

    This is why guaranteed speeds shouldn't be guaranteed at all. If a provider guarantees a speed, they have more faith in the world network than me hehe. Most providers will not guaranteed but instead say "Up to" such and such a speed.
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