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    So I have this tweaking batch script [Script] Win 10 Toggle Tweaker
    and it contains a lot of options and now it's difficult to users to find stuff in it
    so i though about adding an internal search option :biggrin: Crazy right?
    this is the idea :
    in the start screen there will an option to enter search "S. Search"
    After that user type a keyword like "LTSB" and i want the script to answer with "Convert Pro/Home to LTSB : 12=>Goto LTSB" :D
    when a user type a keyword and press Enter the script will write a full list of options to a TXT file like this

    Convert Pro/Home to LTSB : 12=>Goto LTSB
    Inactive Title Bars Color : 2=>10=>5=>6
    Uninstall Edge : 5=>11
    + every singe option in the script
    and the the script will search for the keyword in the TXT file
    when found the full line will be copied and showed to the user
    So can any one help me with this ?
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