Battery only charges when laptop off

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    Jul 30, 2015
    Hi guys
    My laptop (Samsung series 5 - Windows 7) has this weird behavior: the battery only charges when the PC is off, and it only runs on battery when it's on, the power source is not detected any more when the system is on.

    No special problem with battery integrity, i think, because it charges full and it lasts about 2h, but it's kind of hard to work with the machine during the day (I need to put the laptop to sleep for it to full charge!)

    It's weird, because the battery is detected, charges as usual and its icon appear in the taskbar, so it's not a faulty one, I presume. Not sure it's hardware failure, to get it fixed as the store.

    Of course, I googled solutions for that, and applied most of them (reinstall MS battery drivers, update Win7...). I did it all, but no luck. Also, nothing on that on Samsung website.

    Also, it seems odd to me that composite battery drivers are from June 2006, and never got updated, as I discovered. But I can't find any recent battery drivers, besides the 2006 ones .

    Do you think there is some fix, an obvious one, for this? Like new drivers, or some battery / system utility I could use?