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    Jul 17, 2011
    Hello, good afternoon

    I took the notebook from my Father (acer 4535) to solve the battery problem that waspresented in WIN7 and update the BIOS, has not he called error and more, whenever I try to connect get black screen only turns on the lights but not starts, I tried everything possible, but could not solve yet, look what I've done and if anyone has any idea andcould help me, I'll be eternally grateful.

    1 - I've tried to restore the BIOS flash drives, setting bios files over the crisis in PEN and pressing a sequence of keystrokes, he calls, the screen flashes on and off ... (It may nothave the correct files but renamed I did several times)

    2 - I opened the notebook bios unsolder the battery connected left with only one pole for more than 30 minutes and still the error persists (was it necessary to unsolder the two poles, or call it without this battery and then de-solder?)

    3 - I'm trying to get someone with the recovery CD, but so far I could not, if someone I buy.

    Thank you and thank you for attention.
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