Bios Asus a7n8x-xe

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    May 15, 2010
    Dear Friends
    Nice to meet you. I am Mark from Poland.
    I have beet battling for 2 months with some issue. I seek assistance.
    My ata disk has got 43624624 bad sectors, so i thought i will buy sata one, samsung hd502hj to be specific. I also bought this - via VT6421a

    and after a while this -


    And i tried multiple combinations with jumper and so on, and bios does not see it.
    I have downloaded newest bios from asus website and it is .rom, even if i knew how to modify it i don't know how to update it to my mainboard, whether its the same as bin or not.

    Can somebody please help. I tried multiple things like - downloading the via drivers and hitting f6 and installing them during windows install, but i got an error each time

    Thanks very much
    Mark, Poland

    ps. the second equimpent also doesnt seem to work