bios com1 debud messages on older dell notebooks

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    Oct 8, 2012
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    Hi all!

    Looks like I need help with this and I cannot find anything relevant on the web at all. I hope may be here there is somebody who has a clue.

    I want to tweak some sdram related part of the bios on an old dell c610 Pentium III notebook.
    I have already been looking at its bios disassembly for a couple month.

    It looks like c610 bios does not use POST card to indicate what it is doing,
    but instead posts debug messages to the com1 port, starting with

    "BOOTB says, hello world!" message. ( dell c810 has a very similar bios and the messages)

    Did anybody ever try to read bios output with a null modem cable and a serial terminal from dell laptops? I also seem to not be reading anything from the com1 port except 1 byte "00h" when the bios just starts.