BIOS fans=good; windows please

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    Jan 22, 2014

    I am glad I ran into this site, looks like a knowledgeable community.

    System: Gateway NV55S laptop with AMD A8-3500
    Issue: Overheating
    Symptoms: Hot! (hehe) When gaming my GPU gets to 80-90C and the system crashes, obviously. There is an interesting part related to BIOS. When in Windows my laptop fans only run at one speed - slow. When in the BIOS setup (from boot) or the BIOS setup utility (INSYDE Flash BIOS update) from windows the fans will run at varying speeds dependent on the temperature.

    Thus BIOS correctly alters my fans, but outside of a BIOS setup the only run on slow regardless of temp.

    I installed Speedfan (cool software) and it does not see my fans.
    The BIOS does not have the advanced options to set fan speed, only a few basic BIOS functions.

    Question: Somehow the BIOS is controlling the fans properly, but windows is not. How do I get control of my fans?

    Thanks for your help,