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    Jun 27, 2010
    Alright heres the DL. im not trying to do anything fancy I have a sony vaio fz430e
    this is my info I know
    BIOS Type: Sony Corporation
    BIOS ID: R2110J7
    BIOS Date: 20071221
    BIOS Vendor: Phoenix Technologies LTD
    BIOS Version: R2110J7
    BIOS Size: 1048576
    Chipset: Intel 2A00 rev 12
    Motherboard Name: Sony Corporation
    Motherboard Model: VGN-FZ430E

    I am running 64bit win 7 pro...

    this is all my system info i thought might be helpfull. Anyways I got a new battery and it came with software (bps8w) and when it gets too the winflash portion of the install i get error 1275 cannot access phlash.sys. i have deactivated every firewall/virus program I have and every safety feature and its still blocked. I tried looking for bios updates and revisions no luck. I spent 6 hours with sony support they said they could install it and couldnt. no suprise there.. Anyways I think my bios is blocking the install and Have no clue what I can do to get this battery working. The comuter recognizes it but wont charge it.

    sorry if I am in the wronge area. I may not be a programer but I can follow instructions if anyone has any ideas.