Bios Mod needed for ExpressCache.

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    Jun 7, 2015
    Please pardon me if I made this post in the wrong forum or in violation of any rules. If I did, please delete the request and give me a PM. Thanks.
    My request: Need ExpressCache for my system, which is:
    Motherboard Manufacturer and Model : MSI 870-G45 Motherboard
    -Bios Revision : AMI BIOS 10.9 for MSI 870-G45 Motherboard
    -Bios Type : AMI
    -Bios SLIC : Don't know, sorry. Currently has Genuine Win 10 installed.
    I tried the ExpressCache software from my Samsung NP530U4B-A01US Laptop but no go. Eccmd reported 'not licensed'. I also tried the one from Lenovo, same issue. I guess that ExpressCache is OEM specific. Hence, if my MSI Ami bios could somehow has Samsung info, the ExpressCache would work ? ? ?
    Dump question, probably.
    Anyhow, if someone would point me to a direction to try, or could help with this quest, I'd much much appreciated.