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    What are those bios options refer to?
    And what settings to use?

    MB Intelligent Tweaker (M.I.T):
    Advanced clock calibrations:
    EC firmware selection: Normal/Hybrid
    Advanced clock calibration: Disabled/auto/all cores/per core
    Value (All cores): -12% - +12%
    value(core 1)
    value(core 2)
    value(core 3)
    value(core 4)
    CPU core control: Auto/Munual(corrupt bios???)
    CPU core 2:enabled/disabled
    CPU core 3:enabled/disabled

    IGX configuration:
    Internal graphics mode: Disabled/UMA
    UMA frame buffer size: Auto/128/256/512
    Frame buffer location: Below 4G/Above 4G
    Surround view: Cant choose-Disabled
    Onboard VGA output connect: D-Sub/dvi; D-sub/hdmi; Auto
    VGA core clock control: Disabled/Enabled
    VGA core clock(MHz) :Min 200 Max 2000
    NB Azalia: Disabled/Enabled

    CPU clock ratio: Auto/X5-X14 with jumps by 0.5)
    CPU nothbridge Freq: Auto/X5-X10
    CPU host clock control: Auto/Manual
    CPU frequency(MHz): 200-500
    PCIE Clock(MHz): auto/100-200 with jumps by 1
    HT link width: Auto/8 bit/16 bit
    HT link frequency: Auto/X1-X10
    Set memory clock: auto/manual
    memory clock: X4/X5.33/X6.66/X8

    DRAM configuration:
    DCTs Mode: Ganged/Unganged
    DDR3 timing items: Auto/manual
    All the settings for DDR3

    bank interleaving: Enabled/Disabled
    channel interleave: Enabled/Disabled
    DQS training control: Perform DQS/Skip DQS
    CKE power down mode: Enabled/Disabled
    memclock tri-stating: Enabled/Disabled
    Bank swizzle mode: Enabled/Disabled

    System voltage control: Auto/manual
    all voltage control settings

    Advanced BIOS features:
    AMD C1E support: Enabled/Disabled
    Virtualization: Enabled/Disabled
    AMD K8 cool&quiet control: Auto/Disabled
    Away Mode: Enabled/Disabled
    Delay for HDD (secs): 0-15
    Backup BIOS image to HDD: Enabled/Disabled
    Init display first: Pci Slot/OnchipVGA/PEG

    Advanced Chipset Features:
    NB power management: Enabled/Disabled/Auto
    SB700 Spread spectrum

    Integrated Peripherals:
    Onchip SATA type: Native IDE/ Raid/AHCI

    Power management setup:
    ACPI suspend type: S1(POS)/S3(STR)

    PNP/PCI configuration:
    PCI latency timer (CLK): 32/64/128