Bios recovery for Acer Veriton x270

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    while I was tring to "slic" the bios something went wrong and now anytime my Acer Veriton X270 (Desktop) boots it says that the cmos is corrupted ...
    So I try to recover the bios (AMI) using the metods 1 and 2 on the first post, but no luck! :-(
    Actually I have used a usb stick because I don't have a usb floppy disk.
    If I press the ctrl+home keys the screen stay black and the pc beeps every 2 seconds, and does not seems to be any activity on the usb stick.
    Should I try to get a usb floppy ? or there are other metods to recover the bios of this machine ?
    Thanks for the help.

    Sorry I have made a mistake, and opened a new thread insted of reply to an existing one.
    Can this post be removed by moderators ?