Bios Recovery Procedures

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    You have to use a jumper first to go in recovery process and follow the steps as indicated.
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    First post--not sure if this is the place to ask questions?

    I semi-bricked an Aopen Digital Engine DE65-HA. AMI eufi bios. What I get is drive seek (on Dvd) or USB--but black screen and no boot. I have tried working with the AMI recovery procedure as outlined above (although I have no floppy, using a USB stick), and although it enumerates it on first boot, it does not seem to go back to it

    Coincidentally, while I was banging around the interwebs, I found at least one other person did this as well--like me, he used the version of the bios for the DE65-HAI (which I now know has differences in configuration).

    From this post, I see this other person was skilled enough to remove the bios for reprogramming--and was able to edit a file provided for another (similar) AOpen machine.

    Is my only option to remove the physical bios chip (which seems beyond my ability). Or are there other ways that I can recover this machine. (No bios backup--working when you are tired is always a bad idea!)

    Cheers, Dean