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    Jun 8, 2010

    I am a bit confused i brought a new Lenovo G530 4446-22G and i did not know how bios flash works so i accidently flashed my bios to this version .

    BIOS Type: Phoenix

    BIOS ID: SROSA001.86C.0000.D.0903261504

    BIOS Date: 20090326

    BIOS Vendor: LENOVO

    BIOS Version: APEX_BIOS(V1.15)

    BIOS Size: 2097152

    Chipset: Intel 2A40 rev 9

    Motherboard Name: LENOVO

    Motherboard Model: 444622G

    System Name: No Enclosure

    Base Manufacturer: LENOVO

    Base Product: KIWDX

    I am making an request can you please tell me the link where i can download the previouse version bios that came with the laptop from comapany or can you please doownload it for me and send me the link to download it from.


    Thank you very much looking foward to here from you

    if you need to contact me send me email on

    send me a txt on 07845141093
    or contact me on makan620"at"
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