Bios support for mini-pcie dual sata

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    Sep 1, 2007

    I have a old emachines 250 that I would like to transform into a mini private ftp server.

    The eM250 already has a 160GB hdd, but I would like to add more space using two sata 3.5 hdds that I already have.
    The motherboard has 2 mini-pcie slots, so I bought a converter to sata at,2xSATA6Gbs.html
    Chip: ASM1061

    The problem is the sata card is not recognized, but I know the slot is fine because the wifi card is recognized.
    Can the bios be modded so that it recognizes the card?

    Service Manual:

    Can the problem be that the sata card is msata and I have to make this hack:

    Anyway, I have only suppositions, but don't know for sure what is the problem.
    Thanks for any help.