BIOS/Video Problem(s) On A Dell Inspiron 1420. Any Help Is Appreciated.

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by MCE2005FAN, Nov 26, 2010.

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    My Cousin's fiancee has the Dell mentioned in the title, and we cannot access his BIOS.

    The internal LCD has died. The backlight and inverter still function, but no image is produced on the screen (I.E. dead screen).

    He has since connected it to an external display, a Dell 20 or 22 inch monitor via VGA.

    Now, here's the problem...

    When we turn the computer on, all of the lights flash, etc but nothing appears on the monitor until Windows has begin to load. No BIOS, no POST, nada.

    We tried Fn+F8 (the model's display switcher) to no avail. Perhaps we didn't do it right, I don't know, to be honest.

    If I can't get the BIOS to appear on his monitor, can I use the LCD from my Toshiba Satellite, (temporarily) to gain access to his BIOS so I can make the necessary adjustments, or will it fail too?

    I checked eBay for panel info. Both have 30 pin data cables, and 2 pin power cables. I'm assuming that the screen should work, even temporarily, right?

    I appreciate any and all info you might be able to provide. Thanks.
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    RE: Your post requesting HELP 26 Nov 2010.

    Any updates on your progress? I'm sure other 1420 owners would like to hear what is going on.

    Q: Have you ever had a problem- (Say a rare problem):eek: searched, searched, and searched wading thru several hundred threads and finally found (1) thread matching your exact problem and the OP never posts back? When you see threads like that -How does that make you feel?

    I know it is sometimes easy to forget to post back, but think with a two-way street mindset when posting, instead of one-way street.

    PS: When posting back try to give as much detail as you can- EG Model numbers , parts numbers-Who made the panel in this case, What steps you did, not just it "worked"... or I fixed the problem. Think of what kind of info you'd like to see if you had a rare problem that needed a fix within the next hour- and the thread had been CLOSED- Or the OP was long gone.