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    Jan 26, 2011
    I am looking at a toshiba laptop for a friend he has been given it from his old employer.
    Basically I said I would upgrade it by backing up all data formatting the drive and putting W10 on it.
    currently it has W7 ultimate
    Problem is the hard drive is bitlocker encrypted and I am unable to back up the data to an external drive before the full windows upgrade
    when I try to disable bitlocker it will not allow the user to do so ( blocked by user policy )
    we have no other passwords to unlock
    so my question out there is

    1. is backing up the data as its encrypted not an option if we do not have privileges or password ?
    2. if he forfeited his data will I be able to still format and install fresh windows install to this drive ?

    many thanks for replies
  2. livecd

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    Apr 6, 2019
    1. It is possible to bypass Bitlocker Encryption via WinPE. There is an open source tool that claims it can bypass the Bitlocker encryption, however nobody can guarantee the data can be decrypted.

    2. It is possible to wipe the drive and install a new copy of Windows. I would recommend using a tool like GParted though because GParted can remove easily remove partitions that Windows sometimes has problems detecting.
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