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    Hi, i have a tri-boot system with win xp. windows7 and windows8 on it, re-booted in to safe mode on windows 8 to look at some services and they were set as expected so i rebooted again and remained in to safe mode.

    To get out of safe mode, i had to select settings, change pc settings, update and recovery. recovery, advanced starteup=restart now, use another operating system' to get back to the boot manager to select the correct system i wanted to use. How do I set it up so just go into boot manager to select the OS i want to log on into, please?

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    If I understand this correctly, you have win7, win7, and win8 as a triple-boot.
    You then entered safe mode in win8, then turned off safe-mode in win8's advanced settings ui.
    Now it won't let you choose your OS on boot anymore?

    There are ways to handle this. The most complicated way is using bcdedit and bcdboot.
    The easiest way would be using EasyBCD. Since that is limited in the non-paid version, I might suggest using Visual BCD Editor.

    When you are happy with the boot results, you can use bcdboot to specify the windows folder of either win7 or win8 depending on which style you like to use for booting.
    I personally like the blue click box multi-booting that using bcdboot on the win8 windows directory provides.
    Further edits to time and default boot option can be set in either your bcd editor or the advanced boot options in win8 that you used to disable safe mode.
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    while you are in win8, open cmd as administrator and run
    bcdedit /set {current} bootmenupolicy legacy
    or if you in win7, open computer properties > advanced system settings, then choos win7 as your default os
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    You can also boot from your Win 7 install disk and then select repair. The repair function will restore the MBR you had before. I've done this successfully several times lately with Win 8 and 8.1 installations. After that if you need to make further adjustments you can use EasyBCD.
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    Easybcd did the trick thx