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    OMG! I found out who does the voice in the Bop It, Bop It XT and others!
    He's the guy that does all the announcing in the games like "Solo! Bop It to start! I'm going a sleep!" and he also voices Bop It XT and he calls everyone a dude when they play it on expert level. However, he wasn't the voice actor of Bop It Bounce.

    If you never have played Bop It before, it is an electronic audio game which has three different inputs attached to the machine. Most versions have a central button in the middle which is known as 'Bop It' and it also has a "Twist it" and a "Pull it". The voice actor records the commands for the game and is put onto a circuit board so that the manufactures in China can use it to make the electronic game. In 2010, Hasbro made the Bop It XT which is an 'extreme' version of Bop It. This version has six commands including the three from the original and adds a green flick switch, an orange wheel and a purple cowbell which is known as Shake It. The player has to score 100 points on Solo and will unlock challenging levels. The first bop it appeared in 1996 which is known as the 'Original Bop It'.
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    Hahah that's awesome, I think I still have the original bop it around here somewhere.