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    I have already collected and played with Rubics Cubes for more than one year. Now I’d love to share the way of restoring the Zong Zi Rubics (Mastermorphix) Cube with all of you.

    The Zong Zi Rubics introduction.

    1, Zong Zi Rubics (English Name is Mastermorphix) developed from the original one. Many fans of the Rubics Cube thought that Mastermorphix would be easy to restore, because it has the same framework as the original one. But actually, it is not.

    2, although Mastermorphix is basically the same; the ways for doing it are different. The key point when doing Mastermorphix is to recognize the corners, and centre parts and then figure out the 3 levels.

    3, the center parts are different from the original ones. The center parts of the original ones have 2 surfaces, but Mastermorphix has only one.

    4, the corner pieces have two different styles; one has 4 vertical angles and 3 surfaces; the other one has 4 little triangles and 1 surface. It maybe easier to restore after studying the differences.

    Studying the Mastermorphix

    Studying---this step of studying is very important before restoring Mastermorphix. It is very hard. You have to figure out which side is the bottom one, so you need to practicing several times and get lots of experience.

    Cross---You don’t need to worry about the color. You need to figure out the direction of the bottom edge and 4 center pieces first.

    F2L--- You don’t need to worry about the color. You need to recognize the direction of the middle edges.

    OPLL--- I am a little bit confused, if I can’t figure out the bottom edges, should I worry about OLL or PLL?

    Ways of playing Mastermorphix (I)

    The ways of restoring Mastermorphix is the same as Pyramin Rubics Cube. Now, I will use the Pyramin Rubics as an example.

    1, formula instruction:

    B=down, L=Left, R=right, T=front

    The first step: restore the center piece. It is very easy; you can do it if you try.

    The second step: this is the easiest step. You just need to restore each corner peice

    The third step: restore the middle.

    The fourth step: you need to solve different problems according to different circumstances.

    The Rubics Cube can exercise your fingers and your mind. I collected a lot of Rubics Cubes. I will dismantle them if I can not figure them out. Hahaha~~. Of course I will choose a cheap one to dismantle. You can find them at the website below.


    I have most of the Rubics Cubes in this list. If you are a beginner, you can choose one of them to practice with. I am sure that you will fall in love with them because they are so much fun to do.