Bricked BIOS on Aopen Digital Engine DE67-HA

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    Hi All,

    Did something very stupid last night, I noticed a slightly updated version of my system (DE67-HAI) and studied the motherboard with the new updated model so thought I would flash mine trying to turn the AOpen Digital Engine DE-67HA to the DE-67HAI using the later bios.

    I tried to flash it using normal switches, however it complained about ID mismatch, so I forced a flash with afudos biosname.rom /P /B /N /X, yes I shouldn't have used X as my system will not boot Sad, I had that horrible sinking feeling when I had no video output on POST. This system does not have a PC speaker so unable to hear any error beeps.

    It does power on but seems there is no way to recover it using typical AMI methods. I must have hit the boot block.

    The Bios is AMI Aptio.

    The flash chip is a MX25L6445EM2I-10G which I believe is 64mbit 8mb

    I have a programmer here, it's a TL866A and I have a SOP8 209mil adaptor, the original BIOS is available from Aopen, but is 2.5mb, however the full .BIN is 8.0mb which Aopen refuse to give me!

    I have a dump of this bricked rom, which all looks good but contains 2.5mb of information for a different system.

    I have compared the 2 2.5mb files from Aopen in a hex editor but they look totally different to what's on my dump because I think they are compressed or the AFUDOS utility writes it differently or converts it to another format when programming.

    If I open any of the files in MMTool they all read okay, even my dump but you can clearly see ift has the information of the wrong BIOS.

    Any help will be gratefully appreciated, I also wanted to add SLIC 2.1/2.2 to this system, but I need to get it running first.