Bricked BRIX BXi5H-5200 - need help

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by tcnstuff, Dec 6, 2015.

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    I bricked my Brix (yes, indeed it is a good name for it). I am trying to revive it first with some rescue procedure but so far I have been unsuccessful.

    Has anyone heard or has anyone successfully de-bricked a Brix? If so, I would really appreciate to get the proper rescue procedure. I tried the AMI procedure described about everywhere without any success (tried AMIBOOT.ROM as well as AMI.ROM). I don't even know if the USB ports are initialized or not; power is there but a Ducky Shine 3 won't change LED patterns; it stays dark.

    In a case nobody has ever been able to revive a unit; I would be looking for a complete dump of the flash (either software or I can even buy the programmed flash; I don't mind).

    Are firmware update files a direct copy of the flash? Seems to be the proper size though.

    My last resort is to buy another unit; dump the flash and try to get a refund if possible or sell it afterwards.

    Many thanks,

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    first try bios file LP5AP.F3 in usb.. and hold End or uhh think f9 .. Qflash method might work.
    GIGABYTE.bin ?
    or ask these guys if anyone has a dump to flash with programmer

    dump backup of your bios with something like CH341A (cheapest 6.99$ + 3.14 shipping USA fast ship seller i saw on ebay mdflyelectronics ) usb programmer
    and SOP8 clip ($7.95+Shipping: $2.03 ebay seller chesr_2013)

    cheaper than a new board i guess.. and if it dont work and needs a dump im sure one will be found but i think the dload can work if compared to a dump of broken bios.

    compare it in hex editor with HxD or WinHex or such to the download of it

    then flash back and youll likely get good results..
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    try with older ver maybe it's could work

    i had same problem with HP failed in bios recovery with new one and successeded by older ver
    in ur case try
    and programmer is good solution if u find someone with same board and can make DUMP for you
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