Buying New Computer Overwhelmed by Choices $350-$650

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    HELP, Super-Teckies!

    I need a "decent" B to B+ computer.

    I have Computer Center very close to me but they have 30-40 DESKTOP Win 7 OS
    computers to choose from.

    My parents will use the computer it would be to HUGE burden for them at there age
    to learn Win8. IT MUST BE A WINDOWS 7 OS Desk Top Computer.

    I would prefer better graphics than hard drive or speed, as this computer will be
    used to stream videos and Skype. I would also prefer sticking to HP, Dell, Gateway or
    Asus, etc (a name brand computer)

    My price range is $350-$650 I am purchasing a computer Aug 1, 2014, its tax free
    day Back to School Day in Ga and so after that date advice won't be helpful.

    I have attached a image of the Win 7 Computers at the business I plan to buy from
    any suggestion as to BEST VALUE and Performance would be appreciated.

    Thanks, this is like buying a car but even more complicated.


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    The Dell Inspiron desktops seem to be very impressive with good configuration and a 4th generation intel processors(which consume less power and generate less heat within). I usually weigh into the size of the desktop and less heavy casing. From the look of things, among those on your images, I think Dell perhaps has the edge.