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    Hello, most of you probably don't know me, unless you frequent /r/Talesfromtechsupport, have a Switchable Graphics Laptop that is Pre-Enduro or Remember my Tutorial on how to modify your Windows Bootlogo if you have BIOS. :eek:

    In any case, I need some help with a DLL that is part of the Catalyst Control Center from AMD. Basically what is happening is when the Computer is booting, it will delete some values in the registry that allow a certain menu in the CCC from appearing - so far we can't seem to stop this (We are also in the market for someone who might be able to read the AMD Driver Kernel) but we do have a solution (ish).

    I have decompiled some of the DLL's from CCC, in particular the one that determines if the menu that we need is available. Inside of it it checks to see if the Values exist, and if yes, read their values. The problem is, I don't know C#, and there is a multitude of bugs produced from the decompiler. Any help with this would be appreciated - and all resources are available via PM'ing me (Here or on leshcatlabs.net where we do the driver modding).

    Edit: BTW, hardcoding the values in the DLL is a Good Solution here.

    Thanks for reading! :biggrin: