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    Well, I just installed Win10TP 9926 to Pipo W3 tablet for testing.. It's ok, but I'm not sure Windows 10 is ready for tablets yet. While 8.1 was pretty easy to use on a tablet It is much harder to navigate in Windows 10. Hope that it'll be better in time.

    I had to use the drivers from Pipo.. Well they're dated ( some from 2013, some from 2014 ). But they're the only ones that is working. For example updating intel hd graphics or camera driver causes BOSD on camera app, or black screen when returning from standby etc... As I said when using the official drivers I see no problem so..

    The only problem is that I couldn't see any rear camera option on Windows 10's camera app.. Is there an option available or there isn't one yet?

    I can see myself but there is no switch to back camera button.. As you know there is no bottom panel on Windows 10.

    Please help.
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