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Discussion in 'Application Software' started by Jarun, Nov 2, 2009.

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    Sep 1, 2009
    Is anyone here up for a challenge? I have a problem...

    A few years ago Sunbeam tech came out with a nifty USB fan controller that fit into a PCI slot. It was called the Theta. It was designed/ engineered and built very well and is truely a top notch peace of hardware. Unfortunately on the software side Sunbeam left much to be desired. And to top it all off they discontinued it and have no plans of releaseing 64bit drivers.

    The control software is limited, permanently skinned, and buggy. Its clunky and annoying. I would like a compact text version. Something simple yet functional. This is what I am mainly requesting.

    My pie in the sky hope is someone to port the drivers to 64bit. Or at least observe their function and write ones that mimic the 32 bit ones in 64 bit. I use windows 7 64. I have to load winxp from a thumbdrive just to turn the fans down every time my computer is unplugged. If the card looses connection with the USP cable it defaults the fans at full speed. With 6 fans connected it is quite loud.

    If anyone is willing to attempt any of this I will upload the drivers and control software. I would put a link to them, but sunbeam doesn't even have them on their website anymore.