Can i activate Office 2016 w/ MS Toolkit and how does kmspico work

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    Hi I just want to ask if i can activate Office 2016 using the latest version MS Toolkit the same way i activated 2013 you know converting it from volume to retail and then just clicking activate that worked with 2013 can it work with 2016.
    I know i can probably just use kmspico and its probably safe but im not used to it ive always used MS toolkit.
    And since we've mentioned kmspico how does it work how does it activate office/windows.
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    If you read the opening post of MS Toolkit and kmspico respectively they will tell what they will do and how to do it

    Both are designed to work with Volume Licensed products only, used by large corporations 25, or 50 copies minimum.
    A server is set up on the network to provide a key management service (that's where KMS comes from)

    kmspico is the end product of shrinking the original MS key management system server running on under VMware (bigger than 800MB, and also emulating the 25 to 50 clients necessary to maintain the kms server active ) , we had kmsmini, kmsmicro, kmsnano, and finally kmspico (you can see how small it is compared to what we started with ), but it really performs the same functions accepting all the same commands as a real corporate KMS server. But it enables you to serve just one pc if that's what you wish to do.

    CodyQX4, simultaneous with this development , back in 2012 and 13 wrote MS Toolkit which yields the same result
    in a neat elegant package,

    You can use whichever you like . If you come from a corporate background you might like kmspico
    I worked a lot on kmspico and it's predecessors, but I now prefer MS Toolkit