Can Win7 Ultimate be converted to Enterprise?

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    Jan 8, 2019
    Hi all,

    While the question in the title sums it all, I just want to add some context on why and how I got in this situation.

    Recently I've bought a new PC and putting my Win7 Ultimate on it required a lot of work! After finding the right slipstream image + settings combination to be able to use my USB peripherals, I installed it and..well, I brainfarted and used something that claimed to be the Daz Loader..except it wasn't, and I had to reinstall because it infected my PC with adware and who knows what else. Then the problems started..all my attempts to install Windows again didn't see the M2 SSD, even though in the first installation it was detected just fine. After days of troubleshooting with no success, what worked was installing Windows on the HDD and then cloning on the SSD. This time with the official Daz loader, I was ready...except that when I created the installation image 100th time, I didn't pay attention and it selected GPT..

    I've seen on the forums that there are some solutions for this, but they are injecting into the motherboard firmware and this is a threshold I'm not comfortable to pass at this moment. I'm also refraining from using something like RemoveWAT, since I understand from other posts that it's not the most elegant solution and is actually chopping up the licensing functionality from the OS.

    Now, I can live with my Windows as it is now, other than the nags and the black wallpaper it doesn't annoy me, but I wasn't able to find an Office suite that can be activated. I have an old Office 2007 with key, but..well, I don't want to go under Office 2016 in terms of age. I tried multiple installations and searching for keys, I couldn't find one, but I eventually learned here about the possibility to activate a VL Office with KMS. So I used C2R-R2V_9 to convert the license of my Office 2016 Professional Plus and it converted to Office 2019 Professional Plus, except it expired after 30 days, and I can't activate it. For reference, the output of the activation status is:

    ***              Office 2016/2019 C2R Status             ***
    PRODUCT ID: 00414-50000-00000-AA545
    SKU ID: 85dd8b5f-eaa4-4af3-a628-cce9e77c9a03
    LICENSE NAME: Office 19, Office19ProPlus2019VL_KMS_Client_AE edition
    BETA EXPIRATION: 01-Jan-1601
    ERROR CODE: 0xC004F056
    ERROR DESCRIPTION: The Software Licensing Service reported that the product coul
    d not be activated using the Key Management Service (KMS).
    Last 5 characters of installed product key: 6MWKP
            DNS auto-discovery: KMS name not available
            Activation Interval: 120 minutes
            Renewal Interval: 10080 minutes
            KMS host caching: Enabled
    Running the KMS_VL_ALL says that there are no Office products installed and that no supported KMS Client Windows was detected.

    All this text was for the background information, but as I read about it, a Windows 7 Enterprise would have been the better solution for VL-licensing problems and would provide more options..I just don't want to reinstall Windows again with everything up and running, especially with the problems that come up with that. So I wanted to know if it's possible (and without losing functionality) to convert the Ultimate to Enterprise without reinstalling. At some point, I found a possible answer that claimed you could achieve it with some changes in the registry, tried that and it didn't work.

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    Jan 8, 2019
    Thanks, I will check it out. I'm thinking to give it a try in a VM and see how it goes there before touching the live OS