Can't able to install windows 10.Stuck at windows 8.1 logo.

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by debas1980, Jul 25, 2015.

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    Oct 29, 2012
    Sorry to bother all of you but I am getting this weird problem of not able to install Windows 10 which is got is from Wzor leak posted in MDL forum.
    Actually I have done everything like burning the .iso into a dvd and then select the dvd media as boot option,I select the option "press enter to boot from dvd....". but after that the windows 8.1 logo appears and that's all.I waited at least half an hour but the windows 10 installation doesn't pass the windows 8.1 logo at all.It just stuck there for ever.Then I tried the option of installing from usb drive as I have a 8gb pen drive.Using rufus I made a bootable usb drive and I select my usb drive as primary boot option in bios and restart my laptop.It accept my usb drive during boot option but again it stuck at the logo option and cannot passing from that.

    Now I am not able find any solution of the problem so I request someone kindly help me in this matter.
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    your not supposed to boot from the dvd,you are supposed to upgrade from within windows,after that you can do a clean install if you want.
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    The Windows 8.1 logo and Windows 10 logo are the same.
    I thought MS will change the Windows 10 logo, but they didn't.

    Try to boot Windows 8.1 installation and format the drive you want to install Windows 10 and then reboot again with Windows 10 installation.
    I think it might help. This is what I was doing if I got this problem. I don't like upgrade Windows.